Agricultural Research - Focus on Improving Crop Productivity and Innovating Practices

The crop production and management of the yield have been under tremendous research processes to drastically improve the production, given the possibility of maximizing production from the same spread of land available for agriculture.

Improving Crop Productivity

Scientific Research Projects to Enhance Quality of Life as Research Always Enables

Science and research processes are derived from the keen inquiry and quest to know what is unknown? The way discoveries have happened in the past indicate the naturalistic way of searching for things and materials, which has further lead to the idea that persists upon thorough research to address some of the challenges faced by the mankind of today’s generation. Scientific research projects do enable in such a discovery process, which is driven by data, evidence, and calibrations.

Material Science Research

Brain Cancer Research is leading towards Better Future

Brain Cancer is among the healthcare challenges faced by many people, who have their brain and central nervous system affected due to the presence and spread of cancerous cells. Cancer care and management has been witnessing paradigm shift, because of the way research has been conducted to discover new options in the management of cancer. 
brain cancer research
Brain Cancer

A Beginner’s Guide for the Organic Blueberry Production

The modern, moderate and sophisticated people are turning towards naturally healthy options worldwide and the newly found interest in the organic foods is just an indication of things to come in the future. There are many ways and means of achieving organic vision, as the new generation agricultural scientists project it. Blueberry production trough standardized organic measures. 

organic blueberry production & organic blueberry yield
Successful Organic Cultivating and Optimizing the Yield of Blueberries

Practical Insights about Increasing Mango Production

Mango production is synonymous with the traditional Indian farming, which is also identified with global demand for exports, it’s the fruit loved across the world and therefore, the growing demand from to time is aptly justified. The production techniques need to be in tandem with the desired production potential as well.

how to increase mango production
Image: Photograph of mango leaves, flowering pattern of Alphonso mango, mangoes with lower spongy tissue content

The Trivedi Effect® could be the Game Changer in HIV and HCMV

Study objective:

To study the in vitro effect of Biofield Treatment on Viral Load against Human Immunodeficiency-1 and Cytomegalo Viruses

Published in:

American Journal of Health Research

Important Outcomes:

In this study, researchers used the effect of biofield treatment on the in-vitro effect of biofield treatment (The Trivedi Effect®) on Viral Load against Human Immunodeficiency-1 and Cytomegalo Viruses, and the results are very outstanding as compared with the current conventional treatment.

The Trivedi Effect® an Alternative Healing Approach against Hepatitis

Hepatitis is a major challenge in clinical research, health monitoring authority, and for clinicians in worldwide. The main causes of liver disease are increasing body fat deposition in adipose tissue i.e., obesity, undiagnosed hepatitis infection (Hepatitis B or C virus infections) and alcohol misuse.

Hepatitis B & C Viral Load

Increasing Crop Production and the Advancements of Seed Science Research

The more synchronized the ideas, concepts and research foundations related to the seed technology and soil properties are, the more evident benefits would be for the farming practices, which obviously means an increased agricultural crop production. It’s an agenda that can’t be ignored and therefore even United Nations Organization has its exclusive focus on globally sustainable crop production.    

biofield treatment for increasing crop production